Changing filters, vacuuming registers and getting it serviced will help your air conditioning system run smoother and better during the peak season. We all want to save money when it comes to cooling our house and we all want to be comfortable instead of sweaty and hot during the summer season. Here, you will learn tips to help avoid ac repair services on your unit.

The first tip may be one of the most important ideas on your list. Change your unit filters on a monthly basis, especially when your system has been running regularly. Changing the filters will not only allow you to breath better air, it will save the unit from working harder to push the air through your house. Check with your friends at AC Repair St. Petersburg for the right filter for your system.

At the beginning of each season, you should vacuum your registers and the cold air return in your home. If you take off the covers and vacuum as far as you can inside the entrances, you will get most of the dust and dirt out of each duct. This will allow the air to flow through the ducts with less dirt and dust blowing through your house. It will also limit the dirt and dust in the air filter, which in turn, allows the better air flow through the filter.

Calling the ac repair services to do a regular maintenance on your unit is the final key to having air conditioning running right and efficiently. The best time to schedule the technician is during the off season. They can make sure your unit is ready when the weather gets hot and you need cool air! When the service technician comes into your home, they will check the filters and probably clean the unit inside and out. There is a drain that can be cleaned out with a high pressure vacuum to help eliminate the mold in the unit. The technician will most likely use a special cleaning formula to spray on the outside unit and then hose it off. These steps will allow your unit to run more efficiently and smooth and hopefully save you money in the future.

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