Countless residents purchase rugs for their homes in order to both keep the carpet clean and add some color to whichever room it is in. Over time, these expensive accessories become dirty and discolored, requiring an extensive cleaning. Following these tips for rug cleaning in Virginia Veach VA, residents can return their rugs to their original beauty and cleanliness.

Vacuum Both Sides

Most rug owners know to vacuum the front of their rugs. Many fail to realize that the backside should be vacuumed as well. Instead of running the vacuum directly over the rug, however, the person cleaning it should use the suction hose. The one doing the cleaning should flip the rug over and run the hose over the back of it first. This ensures the dirt gets pushed through the fibers and onto the front. Using the rotator brush is also ideal, as it can help push the dirt through. Then, they can flip the rug over and run the hose over the front side, eliminating any dirt pushed through and ensuring both sides get as clean as possible.

Spot Clean

Typically, rugs can not be put into the washer and dryer. Instead, most rugs need to be spot cleaned carefully. If someone makes a spill on the rug, it should be wiped up immediately. By using a cleaning brush and soapy water, the stain should come out easily.

Cover the Floor Underneath

Before vacuuming over the rug or having it spot cleaned, rug owners should be sure to place a covering over the floor beneath it. Many rugs have dyes that will stain the carpet beneath them when washed. Covering the floor first will ensure no dyes run onto it, causing double the mess to clean up. It is also important to use before vacuuming so the dirt and debris do not fall from the rug into the carpet, causing another mess to vacuum.

Performing a rug cleaning in Virginia Veach VA can be done easily with the help of these rug cleaning tips. If anyone should have difficulties, however, they can consult with a carpet cleaning specialist. A specialist will have the knowledge and materials to get any rug or carpet clean in no time.