The buyer likes everything about the house, with one exception. The patio is a little worse for wear. While it is in less than perfect condition, there are ways to bring old Patios in Connecticut back to life. Here are some ideas on how to manage the renovations. Cleaning Out the Cracks Whether the patio is composed of a concrete slab, bricks or other materials, the presence of grass in the cracks is a huge part of the problem. Before anything else is done, it pays to dig out the grass, weeds, and anything else that happens to be in those cracks.

Once the debris is out of the way, it will be much easier to determine what needs to be done to provide more stability for the patio itself. Pressure Washing Another trick that improves the look of older Patios in Connecticut is pressure washing. Before starting any repair work, use this approach to clean every part of the patio completely. Doing so may help identify a couple of other minor defects that need to be addressed as part of the restoration project.

This will mean that all the work can be done at one time, and avoid the expense of having a professional return later to take care of those other issues.

New Mortar

With everything cleaned, now is the time to fill in those cracks. Fresh mortar between bricks or stones, or additional concrete to fill in cracks in a slab, will do the trick nicely.

When home owners hire professionals like The FEB Companies to take care of those repairs to Patios in Connecticut, it will be next to impossible to tell where the patio was once damaged. Instead, everything will look fresh, new, and solid. Keep in mind that a patio does make a difference in terms of the market value of the property.

Paying as much attention to this and other outside elements as the seller does to the inside of the home will pay off in a big way. If there are some real issues with the patio, call a contractor and see what it would cost to make the necessary repairs. That investment will pay off in the form of a much higher offer for the property.

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