If you are without Auto Insurance Conroe TX has a variety of different options available. Texas law mandates that all drivers must carry at least the minimum type of liability coverage available. If you are pulled over without Car Insurance Conroe TX law enforcement will not be pleased if you are unable to provide proof of your current insurance. All drivers in Texas should be able to provide proof of their insurance coverage anytime they are pulled over. You also need to be able to provide coverage proof to the Texas Bureau of Motor Vehicles during vehicle registration, renewal and when you need a new license. If you are pulled over with no Car Insurance Conroe TX police will cite you with a fee that can cost as much as $350. If you are pulled over numerous times without Auto Insurance in Conroe TX law enforcement may suspend your driving license.

When looking at Insurance Companies it is important to be aware of the minimum level of Auto Insurance Conroe TX requires a driver to carry.

Listed below are the minimums required under Texas law:

Bodily Injury: Liability must be at least $30,000 for an individual and accidents must be at least $60,000.

Personal Injury: Personal injury coverage is not required, but if you choose to carry this you must have at least $2500 in coverage.

Property Damage: Liability for damage of property must be at least $25,000.

Uninsured Driver: Insurance coverage must meet the minimum of $30,000 for bodily injury to an uninsured driver with a $60,000 per accident. Coverage for uninsured property damage must be at least $25,000. Both coverage for uninsured bodily injury and uninsured property damage are not mandatory, but they each must meet the minimum liability requirement amount if you choose to have either type of coverage.

In addition to being educated on the minimum coverage requirements, you also want to find Insurance Companies that you can trust. Make sure whatever company you choose can provide you with quality coverage as well as honest and professional service. Look for a company that has a longstanding history of experience that you can feel secure with. Turn to Metro Allied Insurance for all you auto insurance needs.


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