Putting your belongings in storage can be frustrating. While the guidelines may say you only need a certain amount of space for the items you need to store, it can seem impossible to get everything into the unit. However, since larger units are much more expensive, it can be financially beneficial to you to take some time to learn how to pack and arrange your household goods to maximize your space.

Loading items into a Self Storage Facility in Baltimore correctly is an art, especially if you’ll be storing furniture. Mattresses will fit in easily but sofas and chairs can be a bit tricky. If the storage unit you choose is large enough for you to sit your sofa flat on the floor, use the vertical space to stack your love seat on top of it upside down. Most storage units are tall enough for you to fit one or more tables or chairs on top of the love seat. Using your allotted space creatively will save you money. Visit website for more details.

Planning ahead when you load your truck can make moving your property into the storage unit a lot easier. Heavy items should be move into the storage unit first and the things you will be most likely to need to get out should be put into the unit last. You can save more space using the drawers in your dresser for storage. Instead of using your drawers for clothing, use them for small, fragile items. Your breakable belongings will be safer tucked inside your dresser than they would inside boxes stacked on top of others in a Self Storage Facility in Baltimore.

Be sure to place a level of boxes with heavy items on the bottom of your storage unit and stack the containers with clothing and other lightweight items in them on top. Many people use a cloth on the bottom of their storage unit so their furniture and boxes don’t get dirty. Before storing bedding and other furniture, wrap it in a protective layer to prevent moisture from damaging your property. Talk to the friendly staff at S & E Mini Storage Baltimore to get more tips and advice on how to pack your belongings in a storage unit.