Time to replace your brakes

Your gas mileage and your brake life have something in common; they both depend on how you drive.

If you live and drive in the big city chances are you don’t drive many miles, but you find that you need to replace your brakes more frequently than someone who drives the majority of their miles on the expressway or on the roads of North Dakota. Brake service in Fort Wayne IN is more frequently needed than if you were to live in a small town in the mid-west.

Because the life of the brakes on your car depends on your driving habits, there is no specific schedule that indicates it is time for brake service. With an oil change, you can rely on the odometer, with brakes you have to rely on your ears and the advice of your mechanic. Most drivers have the tires on their car rotated about twice a year; this is an excellent time to check the condition of the brakes as well.

Although they are not on every vehicle some cars do have a wear sensor built into the brake system, The sensor scrape against the brake disc when the brake pads are worn to the point where they need replacing. When the brakes are applied, the driver cannot help but hear a shrill squeal that is the tell-tale sign that it is time for brake service in Fort Wayne IN.

As good as these sensors are they are not on every car, so it is up to the driver to listen for any signs of wear; squeaks, squeals or grinding noises are sure signs the brake pads are worn. Some minor noises are due to a buildup of dust, and your mechanic can blow it out, but any persistent noise usually indicates that the pads or the disc are worn. Other indications of brake wear are noticeably longer stopping distances and the fact that your foot goes closer to the floor when the brakes are applied.

Every car has a light that goes on should there be brake problems, it is normal for this light to illuminate when you first start the car. If however it should come on while you are driving you should head for a mechanic as this usually indicates that you are low on brake fluid or the master cylinder or a wheel cylinder seal has failed.

The brakes on your car cannot be allowed to wear to the point of failure. When you realize that you need Brake Service in Fort Wayne IN you are invited to take your car to Kruse Automotive Service.