Three Types of Wood Siding in Columbus Ohio

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Home Improvement

The natural beauty, durability and track record of wood siding makes it a choice worth considering. Under normal conditions and routine maintenance, quality wood siding can last a lifetime. Wood siding is available in boards that are simply overlapped during its installation. Some other manufacturers provide the cladding materials as shingles or panels. In most cases, wood siding is installed horizontally, but some home owners prefer to have it installed vertically. To ensure that wood siding is installed correctly, it is essential to hire a certified siding contractor. An experienced siding contractor has the necessary skills, expertise, workforce, tools, and equipment to ensure a wood siding installation project is completed efficiently. Here are some important details to know about the different types of Wood Siding in Columbus Ohio.

Cedar Shingle Siding
Cedar shingles can be cut from a variety of woods, most commonly the redwood and red cedar. They provide a smooth appearance and work well on walls with odd shapes. Cedar shingle sidings are easy to install. They can be cut into various shapes to form patterns and intricate designs. Shingle sidings require routine maintenance, including staining or painting to prevent weather damage.

Tongue and Groove Siding
Tongue and groove siding is manufactured with smooth or rough faces and comes as either seasoned (dried in kilns) or unseasoned boards. Due to its high versatility, this type of wood siding can be installed horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. To prevent weather damage, tongue and groove siding should be maintained regularly by painting or caulking.

Bevel Siding
Bevel siding, also known as lap siding or clap board is made by re-sawing boards at an angle to create two pieces that are thicker on one edge than other. The thin upper edge helps the board to shed water. Bevel siding is installed horizontally with boards overlapping over each other.

Other types of Wood Siding in Columbus Ohio include split log siding, drop channel siding, board and batten siding and cedar shake siding. Remember to choose a certified siding contractor to ensure the wood siding installation project is handled professionally and within the set time and budget. For additional details about the different options of wood siding, and how to contact a reputable siding contractor, go to website.

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