Having crooked teeth is more than just a cosmetic issue. It can also quickly become an oral health issue. If teeth are not properly aligned, they can become hard to clean, and this can lead to the buildup of bacteria in places that are hard for a toothbrush to reach. Eventually, a person may find themselves with worn enamel and gum disease as a result. The good news is Dentists Mankato MN, can help straighten a patient’s smile.

Traditionally, metal braces have been used to bring the teeth back into alignment. However, the advent of Invisalign has brought about an alternative option that many patients feel is better. Consider the following advantages that Invisalign can give a patient:

   *      Traditional wire braces have quite the obtrusive appearance, and many patients don’t like the way it makes them look when they smile. However, Invisalign wearers don’t have to bear this burden. This is because Invisalign is made of clear plastic that that Dentists Mankato MN, will mold to fit the patient’s smile precisely. Unless the patient reveals it to someone, no one will even be able to tell that they are wearing the aligners.

   *      One of the biggest complaints that Dentists Mankato MN, get about metal braces is that they are very uncomfortable. The metal brackets and wires can be highly abrasive to a patient’s soft tissue and, in some cases, can even cause some bleeding to occur. Invisalign, on the other hand, allows patients to escape this type of pain. Invisalign aligners are made of a smooth plastic that causes no irritation to the patient’s mouth when they wear them, which means they can straighten their teeth comfortably.

   *      Those who wear traditional wire braces often have to give up some of their favorite foods because of the potential for those foods to get stuck in the braces. This is yet another reason why Invisalign makes such a great alternative to traditional braces. If a patient wants to eat something sticky or crunchy, they can simply remove the aligners for a short period of time and snap them back on when they’re done eating and brushing.

Crooked teeth are certainly a problem, but not one that can’t be solved by savvy Dentists Mankato MN. Contact a reputable dental professional today to discover all of the reasons why Invisalign is one of the best solutions out there for helping patients move towards a straighter, more radiant smile.

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