If you have been to the doctor and he or she has told you that you will need vascular surgery, you may be conjuring up frightening images of hardened arteries and veins. Certainly, you may be thinking of sharp knives and scalpels. It is not usually as bad as it sounds, however. A center that does Vascular Surgery in Chicago IL does many of the procedures. After reading these details about the vascular surgery, perhaps you won’t be as intimidated by the thought of having vascular procedures.

Vascular surgery is performed when a person has diseases of the arteries or veins. Such services are managed by medical therapy, the usage of catheters which are minimally-invasive or surgical reconstruction. Specific elements of vascular surgery will include the aorta, carotid arteries, and the lower extremities. It will be done for varicose veins and the May-Thurner syndrome. There are some surgeries that are not as critical such as vein stripping for varicose veins. There are those that require specific attention such as an arterial bypass for an artery that is blocked.

When it comes to getting a bypass, the purpose is to create a detour or bypass around the blocked portion of the arteries. The arteries are clogged by a sticky substance called plaque. The plaque is made up of calcium, cholesterol and some fibrous tissue. During the procedure, the surgeon will make a graft, which will cause the blood to continue to flow properly. The hospital recovery time after vascular surgery is usually around three days to a maximum of ten days, depending upon the severity. As with all surgeries, there is the potential for complications, but these types of surgeries usually experience no such issues.

The Grand Avenue Surgical Center has been providing vascular surgery and other surgical services for patients in the Chicago, Illinois area. In addition to vascular surgery, they also offer urological services such as a vasectomy or circumcision, dental services such as dental implants, gynecological surgical services such as fertility treatment, and other general surgeries such as breast treatments.