Do you have plumbing problems? It’s essential to fix your plumbing promptly so you can have safe, sanitary water for daily activities such as bathing, eating, drinking, and cleaning. Because your plumbing system is a complicated network of pipes, fittings, and valves, it can be hard to fix it without the help of a qualified Plumber in Westchester County NY. However, by inspecting your plumbing, you can diagnose the problem and repair it yourself. This will save on repair bills. Use the following guidelines to do this.

To start an inspection of your plumbing system, you will need a flashlight with a high-intense beam. Wear old clothing that can be thrown away. Start by checking the water pressure from all your plumbing fixtures. Turn the water on hot, and cold in your showers and sinks. Run both at the same time also. When either the hot, cold water does not run at full capacity, it may be a sign that there is a blockage in the water pipes. It can also mean the hot water control, or the cold water control is not turned on fully. Check these controls as well.

Continue your inspection of your plumbing system by getting underneath your sinks. Look at the drainage pipes. Do they appear to be corroded or damaged in any other way? These pipes allow water to exit your home. Check out the cabinet underneath each sink. Are there wet spots. Feel along the bottom and edges. Use your flashlight to find wet areas. Is there a foul odor? When a plumbing system is not working right, sewage gasses can back up into your home. This is a serious condition and must be tended to by an expert. Look outside your home for water that is accumulating. Stagnant water can be a sign of plumbing problems.

You will also need to look at the pipes in your basement if you have this type of foundation. Doing this will give you a better chance of finding the problem and fixing it. For more information on plumbing, please talk to a Plumber in Westchester County NY at Cassidy Plumbing Westchester NY. This company can handle residential and commercial plumbing networks.