There Are Multiple Types Of Braces In Tampa

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Dentist

One of the most common and biggest pieces of cosmetic dental work that people get is straightening. Having healthy and white teeth simply does not create the full effect of a beautiful smile if those teeth are not also in their proper positions. Though the basic problem has not changed, technology has allowed us to have more approaches than ever when someone decides to pursue the option of getting Braces Tampa.

The premise of braces is that you attach a device to the teeth that places a very small amount of pressure on them to urge them slowly toward the correct position. This device is left in place and adjusted over time as necessary to keep the pressure on and going in the right direction. Early versions of this technology were fairly uncomfortable and often considered to be unattractive. Over time, though, we have come up with less obtrusive ways to get the same results.

Some of the improved options are simply a matter of visibility. There are now clear braces that work the same as the old ones but attract a lot less attention. We also have options that attach to the inside of the teeth rather than the outside, which reduces visibility even further. Both of these approaches can help a patient to get a great smile without having to spend a lot of time feeling self-conscious in the meantime.

The biggest innovation, though, has been the option of replacing braces in Tampa entirely with trays that fit around a patient’s teeth. These apply pressure in a similar manner, but they don’t have to be attached to do so. Instead, one of them is used for a couple of weeks and then replaced by another, since they can not be adjusted. As they are being used, patients can remove them when necessary to do things like eat or brush their teeth, or even just for important social events like giving a major work presentation.

Technology in general has come a long way, and you may find that getting that bright and beautiful smile is going to be a lot easier than you would ever have imagined.

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