The Value of Bathroom Remodeling in New Albany, OH

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Home Improvement

Remodeling and repairing a bathroom is an important task because it is a big part of the function and value of your home. Many rooms are enjoyable, but a bathroom is a necessity and since so much of its use is personal, these rooms make a big difference to the overall comfort factor of a home. This is why bathrooms are one of the most closely inspected rooms by home buyers, appraisers and real estate agents when a home is listed for sale.

Bathroom Remodeling in New Albany OH is not just about your bank account, it is also about your health. A bathroom that is old, peeling and crumbling is at risk to bacteria and mold growth. Older bathrooms often have plumbing leaks that can damage major sections of the home, but these same leaks also lead to missing grout, cracked plaster and peeling wallpaper. These broken sections are impossible to sterilize properly, leading to the growth of dangerous viruses and bacteria.

Bathrooms are statistically the place in the home where the most accidents occur. An older bathroom can be a much larger accident risk then newer designs. Older adults will benefit from walk-in showers that do not require them to step over high bathtub sides. Grab bars, non-slip flooring and seating in showers are just a few more of the new additions many older bathrooms designs have neglected to include. Even the installation of a single GFI outlet next to the sink could potentially save a life.

Finally, consider your happiness. One of the best parts about remodeling a room is being able to include everything you love and eliminate those unattractive, outdated features the previous homeowner preferred. When you remodel a bathroom you have the opportunity to create your fresh, clean and relaxing little sanctuary. It is an investment that people rarely regret later on.

If your home is in need of a little Bathroom Remodeling in New Albany OH, check out Custom Home and Hearth. They are the experts at helping their customers turn outdated and unhealthy spaces into private spa-like retreats in their own home. Check out their showroom today to see what is new and begin making your plans for the bathroom of your dreams.

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