The True Value of Having a Child Custody Attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA On Your Side

Divorce can be difficult to cope with, but it becomes especially complicated when the estranged couple has one or more children. In these cases, child custody issues frequently crop up. Although parents are supposed to make custody arrangements that are in the interest of the child, egos and preferences can sometimes get in the way of doing so. Even if the exes are each committed to doing what’s right for the child, they may not truly understand how to go about making that happen. In both of these situations, a child custody attorney can make the process of coming to an agreement much easier for you. Read on for a discussion about how hiring a child custody attorney may be helpful in your case.

Getting A Full Understanding

There are several different types of child custody agreements, and each of them requires your family to follow a special set of rules. For example, one parent may be granted physical custody of the child while both parents are granted legal custody of the child. This means that, while the child will primarily live with one parent, decisions about the child’s life and welfare will be made by both parents. A child custody attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA will be able to explain the different custody types and help you decide which is wisest for you to seek.

Preparing For Your Case

If your child custody case ends up going to court, you may have to participate in the discovery process. During this time, your ex-spouse’s attorney will be gathering information about your life, including your finances, your future plans, and even the type of character you display on an everyday basis. Not only can a good child custody attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA tell you what you can expect during this process, they can help ensure that you don’t say or do anything that might put you in a negative light and jeopardize your case.

Don’t make an already emotionally draining divorce process more difficult than it has to be. Instead, get in touch with a qualified, experienced child custody attorney at Jacobsen, Johnson and Wiezorek, P.L.C.. They’ll take the time to get to know your family, thoroughly evaluate your situation, and advise you on the right way to proceed so that you’ll be able to finally begin the process of rebuilding your life.