The Skills it Takes to Become a Private Duty Nurse in Oahu

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Health Care

A job in healthcare is one that many people find incredibly rewarding. They love that they have the opportunity to assist people in a very real way, and they can have a tremendous impact on the patients’ physical health, mental stability, and emotions. So many different occupations assist, and some people choose to become a Private Duty Nurse in Oahu. Working in this field requires the proper education, certification, and credentials. However, it also necessitates skills that people cannot always learn in school.

To join Kahu Malama Nurses Inc as a private nurse, people need to have a great deal of patience and determination. Individuals who work as a Private Duty Nurse in Oahu will likely spend a great deal of time with one particular patient. That means the nurses need to adjust to people’s quirks and handle them with professionalism and care. On top of that, they will need to assist in tending to their patients’ medical needs. For example, they may need to help them descend and ascend the stairs, take a shower, get dressed in the morning, or take the proper amount of medication each day. Due to these situations, private duty nurses also need to have a fine level of precision.

Not only will the nurses act as medical providers and caretakers for their patients, but they often also end up acting as companions, which means they need a high level of social skills and a desire to communicate with other individuals. That is particularly true for nurses who are working with homebound patients. These nurses may act as the only source of communication with the outside world that some individuals have. Patients may wish to tell stories of when they were young, or they may want to play board games to pass the day.

Also, nurses may find themselves in a variety of situations. Some may act as private nurses in medical facilities, and others may travel to patients’ houses. Still others will want to work with live-in situations where they provide virtually constant care to their patients. People should explore all of the options to determine which one is the right fit for them.

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