A prophet is a vessel who is able to communicate God’s word in order to allow people to receive his motivational gifts. A prophecy can provide insight as to the direction God wishes us to go and motivates us to follow his wishes and live in his light. There are many characteristics prophets share and a Bishop Jordan Prophecy is intended to assist you lead the best possible life God intended.

Recognizing the Talents of a Prophet
A Bishop Jordan Prophecy will communicate God’s purpose and how it applies to you. A prophet is able to help you recognize sin and move forward to improve your life to be closer to God. Prophets want people to know God and will use their connection with God to offer guidance to assist you in all aspects of life. They can help teach you that God’s love cannot be compromised and lead you down the path that God has in mind for you. This is not a talent that just anyone holds. It is a God given talent that he uses to communicate with us so we understand how to live our lives honestly and also to help us spread his word through our actions. A good prophet is not there to judge you or accuse you of sin. Instead they are there to help you live without sin. You will see their talent is to offer assistance in finding the way and how to live a life God would want you to lead.

Trust in God and the Scriptures
A prophet has a deep and clear understanding of the scriptures and can use them to help you come closer to God. The scriptures offer words of wisdom that not everyone understands. A Bishop Jordan prophecy can use the scriptures to help you better understand the word of God and in so doing help you better understand yourself and your purpose. A prophet trusts completely in God and is able to brush aside doubt in order to help you strengthen your relationship with God in order to give you the tools you need to lead a successful life guided by his spirit. A prophet looks at your specific traits and needs and helps prepare you to accept your personal prophecy.

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