The merits of a good paper towel versus an electric hand dryer have been debated for years. For quite a long time it appeared that the paper towel would win out over the weak and wimpy dryer but as technology has improved, so has its ability to eliminate moisture from hands.

Benefits of Paper Towels

Paper towels have been shown in several studies to be the most hygienic choice when it comes to drying your hands in the rest room. Scientists believe that the friction that comes from briskly rubbing the skin on the hands helps to dislodge and kill germs. Those germs then become trapped in the towel and tossed into the trash. Paper towels are also useful for grasping the handle as you leave the restroom, just in case the person before you wasn’t quite as fastidious as you were.

Drawbacks of Paper Towels

The drawbacks of paper towels are obvious and numerous. They are messy. They quickly pile up loosely into a trashcan, and then overflow onto the floor and surrounding countertops, spreading germs wherever they go. They are sometimes used to clog toilets, leading to an even bigger mess. They can also run out at the least opportune times. This gives your customers two choices, use their clothing to dry their hands or wave them around in the air like an indignant character in a silent movie trying to express frustration.

In addition, paper towels have an environmental impact that is significant and long term. They constantly need to be replaced, which means they must be manufactured, packaged, shipped to their customers, and require additional resources to use such as trash can liners and other cleaning supplies.

Drawbacks of Electric Hand Dryer

A weak electric hand dryer can be just as frustrating as an empty paper towel dispenser. The barely warm air trickles out with just enough force to send those germs skyward, and you are left with the option of standing there for five long minutes, or, once again, finishing up the job on the seat of your pants. Neither option is attractive.

Benefits of an Electric Hand Dryer

Undeniably, a jet speed, high-efficiency dryer costs less, has a lower carbon footprint, and leads to increased customer satisfaction. In just a few seconds, their hands are completely dry and germ-free, allowing them to get on with their day.

The paper towel versus electric hand dryer debate is over. The electric hand dryer wins, but only if it is a late model, energy efficient, high speed dryer. Dump those paper towels in the trash where they belong, and contact a hand dryer company today!

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