Website design is quite dynamic. The changing way people use sites in hand with the devices they use to view them may be affecting the usability of your site. There is a need to continue to redesign and rework your site in order to keep it interesting as well as user friendly.

Remaining Fashionable

Website design is as volatile as fashion. There are new trends hitting the screens of local surfers every season. You want to provide a fluid and up to date look that meets growing trends such as content blocks. This subway ad influenced look allows for mini glances at important areas you wish your visitor’s explore. They draw the eye to what you feel is the most important for visitor’s to see. They are enticing and very clickable making navigation easier for visitors. They can also be easily switched up to meet your changing needs and promotions.

Indulging the Time Poor

No one has time to do anything any more, let alone try to read the small fonts on your home screen to find out what they want to know. Directional typography is allowing visitors to see what they need at a glance. Large fonts with quick and easy to understand messages will allow your visitors to find what they need and continue on through your site. If people don’t see what they need right away they will move on to the next site.


Video has been used on many sites to entertain and inform for years. However it was often cumbersome and boring for people to watch. With html5 coding it is possible to provide video in the background of your web and landing pages to offer a glimpse into what you do or just for interest without the need to tether to flash. This means faster loading for pages and a more dynamic intro to your business. You can create stunning backdrops that won’t interfere with the speed and performance of your site.

Single Page Navigation

Perhaps the child of hand held devices and tablets, single page scrolled pages are taking over website design. People can load sites quicker and scroll to what they want to see in a continuous stream. Links from the top of the page can jump people down to they want to go as well. It works well on hand held devices as people can just scroll with the tap of their finger. If your website is stuck with a standard multi page site map it is passé.


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