Like much of the world there are still plenty of trees to be found in Tioga County; admittedly nowhere near the number that grew there not all that many hundreds of years ago; but, even in cities it is difficult to go anywhere out of doors without seeing a single tree. Trees line our streets; they decorate our parks and other open spaces used by the general public; additionally, those of us fortunate to live in a house with some land outside of it, like to see trees growing in our yards.

Who Serves Whom?

The trees certainly serve our needs by providing shade and eye appeal; with, sometimes fruit or nuts for us to eat and, eventually wood to use either as lumber or as firewood. This is all in addition to the carbon dioxide absorption and oxygen generation service that trees provide for the whole planet. In return, shouldn’t we serve our trees?

Tree Care

Let’s skip over the mighty oaks from little acorns grow bit and cut straight to considering mature trees; let’s further tighten the aim and look at them in an urban and/or residential context. We all know how to sweep up fallen leaves but do we know how to spot any of the signs that show the health of a tree is deteriorating? Lightning strikes and damage from strong winds should be easy to spot but, there are numerous tree diseases that can go un-noticed.

Additionally, insects plus some birds and animals can cause injury to a tree. If the problem is serious, it will, eventually become obvious to the layman’s eye but, will that be before or after a heavy branch has fallen on his head? Periodic inspection by an Expert in Tree Service for Tioga County NY can either avert the problem and restore the tree to health or take preventative surgical action before an accident happens.

For much of the time, trees can take care of themselves reasonably well and a major reason for them requiring Tree Service In Tioga County NY or anywhere else; is when they have developed either a nuisance value or pose a threat to humans around them. A mature tree can obscure someone’s “overlooking” view; tree roots can lift up roads and driveways and, over the years, trees can simply get too close to a building for the occupants’ comfort. As with storm damage, the Tree Service In Tioga County NY will involve either total felling or major lopping off of branches in these and similar cases.

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