In years past, asbestos was used quite extensively as an insulator. The problem is this type of insulation, over the years, can become toxic. In fact, there are many links to this type of insulation and fatal cancers in people that have been exposed to it in the past. This makes it a particularly serious problem as there are many facilities that were built back in the 60s and 70s that used asbestos quite liberally.

If you’ve purchased an older commercial property and you are making renovations that property, you shouldn’t be at all surprised if you come across asbestos. While this material is perfectly safe if it doesn’t become unsettled, if for any reason particles of the asbestos were to become disturbed and become airborne, breathing in asbestos particles could lead to significant health issues down the road. For this reason, many owners turn to Commercial Asbestos Removal in CT.

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine if the insulation that has been discovered is indeed asbestos. In some cases it is and in other situations it isn’t. A remediation service will come out and test the area to determine what sort of insulation has been used. The test may take a few days but until then, no work can be done inside of the facility.

If the tests come back and the presence of asbestos is verified, then a company like AA Asbestos Abatement LLC will begin removing and disposing of the asbestos properly and safely. Once the asbestos is been removed, air scrubbers will be placed inside of the facility to ensure that no asbestos particles still remain in the air. Unfortunately, during this time, no work can be done in the facility until it is deemed safe by the company handling the Commercial Asbestos Removal in CT.

The reality is that the potential harmful side effects of breathing in asbestos for extended periods of time is something to take seriously. That’s why, if you notice any type of insulation that looks like asbestos in your home or in a commercial facility, it’s time to contact a professional. Fortunately, with Commercial Asbestos Removal in CT, you have a service that can determine if you are indeed dealing with asbestos. In addition, they can remove the asbestos safely and conveniently so that your project get back on schedule.