Homeowners who are planning to move to a rural area must learn about maintaining the septic system. A malfunctioning septic system can cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars to fix, and it’s not uncommon for sewage to back up into the home when this occurs. To learn about the importance of scheduling regular inspections and maintenance visits with a company that provides Septic Services in Hartford CT, read the questions and answers below.

Q.) What services does a company provide when performing maintenance on a septic system?

A.) During a maintenance check on a sewer system, a technician who provides Septic Services in Hartford CT, will inspect the septic tank and pump it out if it’s too full. The technician will examine the wetness of the drain field to ensure that the septic system is draining properly. If the technician suspects a problem with the drainage system, a small camera will be placed into the sewer lines to check for tree root growth and other obstructions that can cause a clog.

Q.) Why should homeowners regularly contact a professional for septic system maintenance?

A.) A sewer system that’s regularly maintained by a company that provides Septic Services in Hartford CT, is safer for humans and the environment. When the sewer system is clogged and waste water saturates the drain field, this causes bacteria and germs to settle on the top of the ground. Bacteria and germs from sewer waste may eventually make their way into rivers, streams, and lakes. This pollutes the water and is unhealthy for plant life, fish, and animals that drink the water.

Q.) What can a homeowner do to help maintain the septic system?

A.) To increase the efficiency of a septic system and to help prevent problems, homeowners should try to control the amount of water that’s used in the home. This includes washing only full loads of clothes in the washer, spending less time in the shower, and repairing any leaks from faucets or water pipes.

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