The Importance of Knowing God is ready to Help

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Business

If you are wondering where God has been in your life chances are you have not welcomed into your heart. Many of us live with the misconception that God is there whether we want him there or not. Although this is true to a certain extent, it is better to think of it as God is always willing to meet us half way. In other words God’s hand is always stretched out to you; you have to make the decision to grab it.

Lost at Sea
If you feel you are lost at sea think of God as your lifeline. Know that if you reach up to grab the life saver, God is there to toss it to you. The important thing is that you have to ask for help. A good way to open the conversation with God and let him know you are lost is to try using Free Spiritual Readings Online. With a spiritual reading you will show God you are in need of his help and it will be the first step to receiving his assistance and guidance.

Strength for Everyday Life
The mistake many of us make is to only reach out to God when we need him most. When the biggest challenges of our life arrive we suddenly are flapping our arms like a man on a desert island desperately trying to flag down a rescue plane. God will see you, but if you are already on his radar imagine how much easier it will be for him to save you. When you live in faith everyday you will soon realize the power of God’s love. You will see that the strength you have is from your faith. When you have faith you believe God intends only good things for you and in that belief you will not be afraid of what life has in store. Free spiritual readings online will introduce you to God and let him truly see you and that your heart is open to receive his love and his word.

God’s Help is on the Way
The best way to look at your faith is that it is your direct communication to God’s love and therefore God’s help. If you learn to trust in God and use prayer for everything you do from counting to ten when your child is testing your patience to offering you comfort when you or a loved one is ill you will live without fear knowing God’s help is on the way.

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