In California, wildfires destroy several properties per day. With efforts to put out the flames, water damage becomes increasingly probable. With water damage, mold could develop and cause more devastation for the homeowner.

Acting Quickly to Prevent More Damage

At the first sign of water damage, the homeowner should contact a remediation team. With quick action, the homeowner could avoid conditions such as mold developing inside the walls, crawlspaces, and the basement. The homeowner should contact a mold removal company in Salinas CA within the first twenty-four hours after the water leak, fire, or storm.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Property owners may acquire mold remediation services as a part of their homeowner’s or flood insurance policy. Select remediation providers work with the insurance company to allow for speedy service. However, some insurance carriers may require a claim’s adjuster to visit the property before these services are performed. The property owner should review the terms of their policy to make these distinctions. In most cases, the policy covers the full cost of the services as well.

Eliminating Health Risks

The development of mold leads to upper respiratory infections and allergy-related issues. As a remediation team conducts an investigation of the property, they determine in what areas the mold has spread. The most common areas are the flooring and ventilation systems.

The remediation team removes all materials that are affected and dispose of them safely. They are required to follow EPA guidelines to contain mold spores and prevent further infestations. This includes wearing protective gear that prevents the technicians from exposure. All affected areas are cleaned and the damaged areas are restored.

Restoration of the Property

The insurance policy determines how the restoration process continues. The policy may impose restrictions. For example, the homeowner may be limited to restoring the property as it was originally without any major changes.

A Mold Removal Company in Bonita Springs eliminates these pathogens from the property completely. This allows them to reduce the health risks for the homeowner. When the services are acquired quickly, it reduces the amount of time in which the family is displaced from their home. To learn more about these services, contact a provider now.