Bail bonds typically all follow the same process. The person is arrested and given a bail amount although they cannot afford to pay it in full. A friend or family member instead secures a bond for them and agrees to all of the terms. The bondsman pays the bail amount and they are released from jail until their hearings are completed. With federal bail bonds, the requirements for obtaining the bond are a little bit different and the consequences may be more severe.

With county bail bonds, the person securing the bond will need to pay 10% of the bail amount or give collateral that covers more than the bail amount. With federal bail bonds in Bartow County GA, the person is going to need to pay 15% of the bail amount. They will also need to ensure they understand all of the terms of the bond so they can ensure the person they’re helping is going to follow them as well. If they don’t, the person risks having to repay the entire amount or forfeit their collateral.

If the person doesn’t follow the terms of the county bail bond, a bench warrant is issued for their arrest and they may need to spend the remaining time until the hearings are complete in the county jail. With a federal bond, the person will be issued a bench warrant and, most of the time, someone will actively look for them since the amount of money at stake is higher. They will then go to federal prison for the remainder of the time until their hearings are completed. This can also be the case if they fail to follow other terms of the bond, for instance by being arrested again once they’re out on bond.

Federal bail bonds are far more serious and the terms may be more detailed than a typical bail bond. If you have a friend or family member facing a federal crime and you’d like to help them, make sure you understand all of the terms before you secure a bond. For answers to any questions or to obtain a federal bail bond today, contact Corntassel Bonding Co as soon as possible.

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