When people are suffering from tooth sensitivity, they can often feel increased pain and discomfort. While tooth sensitivity does not necessarily mean there is danger to a person’s tooth health, it can be a sign of problems. It is important for people to see the Dentists Annapolis when they are suffering from tooth sensitivity so they can find the cause and be treated. With this information, people can know what they can expect from treatment so they will be prepared.

Those who are having increased sensitivity in their teeth can blame the microscopic openings in their enamel. As a person ages, these openings can become larger and allow temperature changes and different food types to cause sensitivity and pain. To treat sensitivity caused by these openings, a person will need to see the Dentists Annapolis. The dentist can treat the teeth with strong Fluoride treatments that help to build up the enamel and prevent these sensations from occurring.

If sensitivity is being caused by a cavity, the dentist will need to check the tooth and take some X-ray films to understand how deep the cavity runs. Repairing a cavity involves removing the damaged areas of the tooth and then filling the tooth with compound dental material so the nerves are completely sealed off. Once the tooth has been repaired, the pain should stop, along with the sensitivity.

In some cases, traditional treatments for tooth sensitivity do not work. When a patient cannot seem to find relief, despite having seen their dentist for treatment, they may need to have the nerves of the affected teeth removed. Removing the nerves does nothing to impact the normal function of the tooth. With the nerves removed, the person will no longer have to worry about experiencing the unwanted symptoms of sensitivity and pain.

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