If you are like most people, the thought of having roaches in your home is totally disgusting. Unfortunately, homes throughout Connecticut can have roaches and the owners don’t even know. Roaches in Connecticut tend to come out at night, so it is possible that you could have roaches and not even realize they are there. Though signs will become more evident as the population grows, the sooner you take action, the more successful you will be at getting rid of them. There are dangers to having Roaches in Connecticut homes, so at the first sign, call an exterminator.

Why Roaches Can Be Dangerous

Cockroaches can carry a variety of diseases that don’t harm them, but they can be very harmful to humans. Some of these include typhoid, dysentery, gastroenteritis and poliomyelitis. All of these can make humans very sick and cockroaches quickly spread these bacteria as they move around. All it takes is one cockroach scurrying across your counter then you preparing food for your family on the same counter and the bacteria is in place in the human body.

Another thing that makes roaches so dangerous is that they can also cause people to have dangerous allergic reactions to their feces. Typically this doesn’t happen by direct exposure, but by breathing in the particles. This can also happen when you eat food that has been contaminated with cockroach feces. In addition to dropping feces on food left on the counter, they can also drop saliva and of course, the bacteria listed above. Once again, this is not only disgusting, it could make you and your family very sick.

Cockroaches are Dirty and Disgusting

You already know that roaches can make you very sick, but they are in general, disgusting creatures. There are a number of roach remedies available over the counter but unfortunately, this doesn’t really solve the problem. These sprays or powders may kill the roaches you see on your counter, but they typically will do nothing for those hiding away. only the professional services of an exterminator can truly eradicate the roaches in your home. Don’t take a chance that you are only getting rid of some of the roaches you have seen. Get rid of all of them with a professional roach exterminator.

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