There is no way around it; divorce is a process that is going to cause you some discomfort, at the least. Once the reality hits that divorce is unavoidable for you, the best things you can hope for is that you fare well and it’s over fast. Your divorce attorney in Lakeland knows that is what you want and will be doing all he can to help you reach your goal as painlessly as possible. He or she will keep you informed of all options available for your consideration. If the divorce is showing signs of being riddled with contentions, your attorney may start discussing mediation as a solution.

Occasionally, the process of mediation has received a bad rap, but many things thought of mediation are just rumors. When emotions are flying high, a person can develop impressions of an experience that is quite different from the way anybody else would have seen it. One’s way of thinking can greatly influence the way an experience is perceived. Mediation is usually advantageous for both parties. Discuss any negative comments you have heard with your divorce attorney in Lakeland and get a balanced view of how the event would be more likely to go.

With mediation, you cannot be made to say yes to anything you do not want. The mediator is a third person, an attorney other than yours or your spouse’s, who agrees to look at all of the presentable facts, and then suggests reasonable compromises. More than just looking at paperwork, a mediator will also listen to the parties’ thoughts, concerns and feelings, prior to making suggestions. Your experience with a mediator is vastly different than having matters decided for you, as is the job of an arbitrator or judge. Thinking of your mediator as a negotiator should give you a more understandable picture of what they will be doing for you. Once you speak with your divorce attorney in Lakeland you will get further clarification of the process and potential outcomes.

You should also know that mediators do not allow intimidations or threats to come into play. If you have been receiving such treatment prior to the mediation, it is important for you to bring that to the attention of the mediator. He or she can watch for signs of such behavior. It may be extra comforting for you to know that you and your spouse do not have to appear together. Mediators are attorneys with additional training and are practiced in the course of action. They are astute when it comes to picking up on subtle nuances that prevent two people from agreeing. If your divorce attorney in Lakeland is beginning to discuss mediation as a means of resolving your divorce issues, it will be wise on your part to consider it carefully.

A divorce attorney in Lakeland knows that mediation can be a great avenue to save time and money in divorces. You can trust that your divorce attorney in Lakeland will guide you to the best solution for your particular situation.

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