There’s no doubt that soccer is the most famous international sport today. Even at local club level, fans can be seen in droves, cheering on players in stadiums, and clamoring around TV sets when their teams are playing. The worldwide appeal of soccer is most evident in the streets of cities across the world, where fans don the colors, jerseys, tracksuits, caps, scarves, and other bits of clothing to show which team, or player, they identify with the most. In fact, soccer fans have become so sophisticated that soccer paraphernalia and outfits have become fashion statements in their own right. Read here how you can stand out with style among the crowd when donning your favorite team’s colors.


Wearing soccer fashion sends out nonverbal messages on the street that you are different. The distinctive and bright colors of jerseys, tracksuits or caps, symbolizing your identification with a specific club or team, will make you stand out from folks wearing ordinary clothes. If you add a little more style to your outfit, you could even stand out among other soccer fans as well. You can draw more attention to your Real Madrid Jersey 2012-2013, for example, should you observe some of the following fashion rules.

The occasion

Think about the occasion. If you’re going to the local stadium to watch a game, where hundreds of fans will gather, you might not want to put on the most expensive replica or authentic jersey. The crowd will be so focused on the game, they won’t really notice you. Neither would you want to wear an old, faded cap, torn shorts or T-shirt, because you might offend other fans, who will be wondering why you would want to represent the team in public looking like you’re at home. If you and other fans are going to a slightly more formal occasion around drinks and food, however, you might want to impress with the cleanest, and most expensive soccer outfit in your ensemble. Wearing a Real Madrid Jersey 2012-2013 with a collar, for instance, will look less casual than a collarless one.

Soccer jerseys

Wearing a soccer jersey as part of a daily casual outfit is commonplace nowadays. The jerseys are usually colorful, and have interesting designs and logos. These automatically grab the attention of passersby. You don’t want to wear shorts, pants, jeans, or shoes that are as colorful and attention-grabbing. This would compete with the appeal of the jersey you’re wearing. You want people to know that you are a respectful, proud, and ardent supporter of this or that team. Thus, don’t go overboard and dress like you’re a circus clown who stumbled upon a soccer jersey or shirt.

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