Slate has a long history as a roofing material. While shingles have overtaken slate in recent history, the lasting qualities of slate still make it an appealing roof material to use. There are several advantages that slate has over shingled materials for roofs.

The lifespan of Slate Roofing in Wauwatosa, WI is considerably longer than a standard shingled roof. Slate is rock harvested from areas where there is a high level of volcanic activity. This natural stone is highly resistant to temperature and weather changes. Because of its strength, the slate is less susceptible to wear and tear from wind and debris damage.

Slate roofing doesn’t absorb water the same way that shingled roofing can. Slate has a very low absorption rate. This essentially makes it a waterproof material. In areas of heavy rain and snowfall, the water won’t soak through the roof. Leaks are less likely to develop under the stress of continually wet conditions. Shingled roofs often employ an additional layer of waterproofing since the water absorption is higher. This waterproofing layer is not needed with slate roofs. Like the shingles, the slate tiles are overlapped to direct the water away from the roof.

The Slate Roofing in Wauwatosa WI, requires a lot less energy to produce than shingled roofs. The processing for slate is simple. It is harvested, cut, and shipped out. Shingles require a lot more processing to develop. This is because they are composed of different types of chemicals and have to be produced in a factory setting. This requires more energy and more resources in the long run. While it may initially cost more to install, the savings can be found in the reduce energy requirements to harvest the slate and its long lifespan.

Slate roofs have a number of advantages over shingled roofs. These advantages need to be weighed when deciding between slate and shingles. Even though the cost is higher, the pay-off of a slate roof is long term. Visit the website to find out more about slate roofs and how to get one installed in on your home.

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