The Advantages of Full Service Nail Salons in Allentown

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Health

Everyone deserves to be as beautiful and confident as they can possibly be. Getting a little help from a professional can make a big difference in how a person looks and feels. Discover the advantages of visiting full service nail salons in Allentown.

More Than a Manicure

A simple manicure can make a person’s hands look attractive and well-maintained. A full service salon also offers options such as gel polish that resists chipping for days or even weeks as well as acrylic and gel overlays. Glamorous nails are a quick way to improve a person’s appearance.

Pedicure Services

The luxurious pleasure of a pedicure is relaxing and keeps a person’s feet in good shape. Trimming the nails, buffing away dead skin and soaking the feet makes them look and feel wonderful. Some people enjoy a pedicure because it makes them feel less stressed.

Remove Unwanted Hair

Many people have unwanted hair in areas such as the face, underarms, legs and more. Trying to shave it becomes a time-consuming task that can even cause cuts and scrapes. Waxing is a fast way to get rid of unwanted hair and keep those areas smoother for much longer than shaving does. Electrolysis is an even more aggressive way to eliminate unwanted hair. Electrolysis is available for all skin types. Another outstanding option is laser hair removal.

Fantastic Facials

Various facials are available for all skin types and concerns. Facials can help reduce the redness caused by rosacea, eliminate acne breakouts and minimize the appearance of fine lines. A professional provides the ideal facial for any skin type, including thermo-coagulation skin treatments and skin rejuvenation facials for a fresher appearance.

Permanent Makeup

Another service provided by top notch Nail Salons in Allentown is permanent makeup. This can also include permanent eyeliner, permanent eyebrows and incredible 3D hair simulation. The days of worrying about runny makeup are over.

Make an appointment at a local full service nail salon to look and feel better than ever before. A dedicated industry professional offers a complete range of salon services to help each client feel wonderful about themselves.

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