Termites are a formidable pest that can wreak havoc on the wood structures of a home. When termites invade a home, they can eat away at the wood structures and quickly cause thousands of dollars in damages. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know they have a termite problem until the damage has already been done. This is why it is crucial homeowners have their home inspected for termites on a yearly basis. By calling in the professionals for Termite Control Mesa, homes can be saved from damage.

The signs of termites in a home are not always obvious so it is important a homeowner is aware of what to look for:

• Weak areas in wood flooring, walls, and furniture

• Shed wings that may be found in piles (they resemble tiny fish scales)

• Mud tunnels on the sides of the home, near the foundation

• Swarming termites in the springtime near the home

• Termites found under the moist leaves and mulch around the home

While some of these signs do not necessarily mean termites have invaded the home, they are at least in close enough proximity it would behoove a homeowner to call for termite control in Mesa. With a thorough inspection of the property, the pest control company can determine whether or not termites have invaded the home, what type is present, and what treatment needs to be put in place to get rid of them or stop them from entering.

Termite control can take different forms, depending on the type of termite and the degree of infestation. Some severe infestations require the home to be tented and then treated with insecticide to destroy the termites in all stages of development. The pest control company can also place a protective barrier around the property to keep termites from entering.

If you fear termites have invaded your home, there is no need to fret. Call Alliance Pest Management and allow them to come out and perform an inspection of your property. They will help to end your termite nightmares and protect your home so damage does not occur. Call them today to schedule your inspection appointment.