Water main is a major pipe in an array of pipes which is used for distributing water and is installed underground. Water Mains Alexandria VA companies offer installation and maintenance services to its community. Some of the services offered by these companies include: drain repair, water heater installation, water proofing, video camera inspection, hydro jetting and plumbing services.

A general look as to why water mains may be faulty or may not have the ability to work functionally is the following:

* Temperature changes, especially in freezing areas may cause the valve to dysfunction.
* Excessive water pressure may cause the valve to jam, creating water shortages in the taps.
* Old and rusty valves may break, leading to leakages leading to higher water bills.
* The ground may shift, disconnecting a pipe.
* Trees that have extended roots in the pipe may lead to blockage.
* Aged pipes.
* Dumping of foreign and unwanted materials may block the pipes.

In a case where you experience water main system problems, it is important to contact a professional plumber Alexandria, VA. Most water mains are installed deep underground and an expert would know how to locate it and deal with the problem. A good plumber is one who has specialized in plumbing and thus is well versed in this area.

Locating a good plumber can be quite difficult and so the easiest way to find one is by getting referrals from family, friends, work acquaintances and neighbors. They may have had plumbing done or may have heard of a good plumber. Local major plumbing stores and suppliers may also be a good source of referrals of plumbers. A good plumber is not too cheap and is competitively priced.

A plumber should have gone through the necessary training and have proof of that, should have practical experience in plumbing so as to deal with the issue effectively, should have a valid license to practice plumbing and have a proven track record of his experience and achievements in the particular field.

Since the water mains supply a large number of people, a blockage or clogging may upset people. It is important to do a regular maintenance of the pipes, a regular inspection, change of old, rusty valves and pipes with new ones and to conduct thorough plumbing to the whole system at least twice a year.