The discovery of asbestos can be terrifying and unexpected. When this happens, it is time to look at decontaminating the area. Since asbestos is dangerous to remove without the proper steps taken, you should never attempt this process yourself. This is one of those jobs that has to be hired out to a company that specifically handles asbestos. These are some of the steps that they will take to decontaminate the area.

The very first thing that the Decontamination Services in East Hampton, CT will do is completely isolate all rooms where the asbestos is contained. This will prevent anyone not protected from inhaling the asbestos fibers. It is specifically these fibers that cause health problems. The spread of the fibers is minimized with isolation. If the asbestos is attached to a venting system, multiple rooms may need to be isolated.

Once the area is isolated, the Decontamination Services in CT will setup a negative air system. This negative air system helps to prevent the fibers from leaking out of the rooms. The fibers will become airborne once the system is touched. At this point, the rooms can only be entered and exited through one control point. No one will be allowed entry without the proper protective gear and breathing devices at this juncture even after the rooms are pressurized.

The Decontamination Services in CT will begin the cutting out all of the asbestos. Since there is fiber in the air at this point, everyone leaving the area will be decontaminated. The bags will also be doubled and marked as hazardous waste. These bags are also decontaminated to remove any fibers that may have attached to them during the removal process. All rooms will remain isolated until all of the removals has been accomplished. This will minimize the spread.

After the material is cleaned out and the rooms decontaminated, the air maybe tested to ensure that no fibers are remaining in the room. It is only at this juncture that the rooms are released for occupation. While asbestos removal can take a few days depending on the amount, it is imperative that the professionals at AA Asbestos Abatement LLC handle the removal. This is to prevent creating conditions that are hazardous to the health.