For those suffering from debilitating pain, therapy at Stem Cell Norman or another leading institute may be just the thing they are looking for. Stem cell therapy can be used on everything from knee pain to Longevity Joint Spine Pain in Norman. Before undergoing stem cell therapy, people usually have some questions. After all, they may have heard about stem cells in the news, but may not have read about how stem cells are being used in the medical world to help patients. Once people have a better understanding of stem cells, they can decide whether or not they wish to pursue this type of therapy.

The first thing people considering getting therapy at Stem Cell Norman or another institute may wonder is what exactly stem cells are. The human body is made of many different cells that help to form different components, such as muscles, skin, bone, and other organs. These cells are always degenerating and regenerating. Basically, as old cells die, new cells are produced to replace them. Injuries cause more degeneration than regenerating. This leads to pain and body components being less functional than they once were. Although there are different kinds of stem cells in the human body, the ones that help with musculoskeletal healing are the ones used at Stem Cell Norman and other facilities. These stem cells can be found in bone marrow.

Stem cell therapy is all about innovation. What once required surgery or medications with side effects can now be done without those things. It’s great at helping people who have chronic pain in musculoskeletal systems. When people undergo this therapy, their own stem cells are used. Some people are under the wrong assumption that foreign stem cells are introduced into one’s body. So, what are some of the conditions that can be treated with this therapy? Tennis elbow, tendinitis, hip pain, and certain types of arthritis can be treated. People have also successfully dealt with chronic neck and back pain with stem cells.

People will need to have their own stem cells harvested before work can be done. Unlike bone marrow biopsies, the harvesting of stem cells seems to be well tolerated by most people. A needle is used to obtain the stem cells from the hip area while a person is lying face down. Visit for more information.