Some of the causes for roof leaks

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Roofing

The roof on a home is designed to last a good number of years but eventually it will leak, and roof leaks can cause serious damage. Why does a roof leak, what are some of the causes?

When roof repairs in Fleming Island FL are needed contractors involved in the business site aging and weathering as the primary problem. Nothing lasts forever, a roof is no different, the moment the last shingle has been installed the roof begins aging. The culprit is the weather; the roof on a house is subjected to everything nature can throw at it; blazing sun, hurricane force winds and thrashing rain. Over a period of time the roof mat weakens, allowing the felt roofing paper to dry out and become brittle. Brittle roofing paper is subject to cracking as the oil in the felt leaches out. As a roof expands and contracts constantly, it reaches a point where it begins to leak.

Unless the foundations of a building are on bed rock, the house will settle, this is also a common reason why roof repairs in Fleming Island FL are needed. As the building settles it does so unevenly, this has a tendency to place considerable stress on the structure. If the building settles, enough the results can easily be roof leaks.

Another potential reason for roof leaks is poor house construction. There are many times when the roof has to be constructed in weather which does not favor outdoor activities, especially working on a slippery surface above ground. However, as roofing companies have set deadlines that have to be met it means that at times, working in inclement weather cannot be avoided. The result can be moisture which gets trapped, this can lead to premature roof failure, and roof repairs in Fleming Island FL will have to be carried out. If the roof is constructed using sub-par material and technique, this can also result in roof leaks; poor insulation, too thin deck sheeting and less than the best roofing felt all contribute to early failure.

It may not be an issue with many homes, but it certainly is with commercial buildings; mechanical damage. The roof is the ideal location for the installation of elevator lifting mechanism, air conditioning, and heating units, etc. This type of equipment requires considerable attention and routine maintenance, the continual foot traffic to and fro can, over time, break down the integrity of the surface. It is not only the traffic, the weight and vibration can also damage the roof, calling for immediate repair by skilled contractors.

Over time, you can expect leaks and other problems with the roof on your house or commercial structure. Roof repairs in Fleming Island, FL are the specialty of Keith Stern Roofing.

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