*     Working Condition -; If it is a struggle to open and close the windows and they stick to the point where you have to strain to open and close them, it is probably a sign they need replacing. If all of the family members cannot open them easily, as may be needed during an emergency, it is time to replace them. If they cannot be locked and unlocked easily, then they need replacing.

  *     Window Age -; Homes with one pane of glass, known as single-pane, or installed prior to 1990, may be in need of Replacement Windows in Lexington KY. With only one window pane, it is estimated that these homes lose between 10 and 25-percent of heating or cooling, through the windows. With the advent of double-pane windows, consisting of two window panes with a gas-filled space between, helped to significantly increase energy savings and reduce energy loss.

  *     Fading Furniture, Carpet or Walls -; Homeowners may observe fading of furniture, carpet, walls, and even artwork, in sections of the home that receive greater
  *     amounts of direct sunlight. Older windows allow a greater amount of ultraviolet light to penetrate into your home than do newer, energy efficient window options. Referred to as “low-E” windows, they are actually coated with a layer of metallic oxide that bonds to the windows surface. Standard windows allow over 80% of the sun’s UV rays to pass through the glass. Conversely, “low-E” windows allow only 4% of the UV rays to pass through the glass. Not only does this help protect one’s belongings from fading and discoloring, it is a huge energy saving benefit.

Whether the decision to upgrade or replace windows is driven by damaged windows or a desire to increase energy savings, there are almost as many window brands as there are styles and types available. Replacing a home’s windows with Affordable Exteriors benefit’s the homeowner by increasing curb appeal (in case they decide to relocate) and increase savings by increasing energy efficiency.

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