Smart Tips for Home Buyers

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Real Estate

Whether you are a home buyer eyeing Ulster County Homes or you are planning to buy elsewhere, it is mandatory that you know the state of your market. Such information can be found online, from your agent, real estate journals and magazines/newspapers. Once you sufficiently understand the market, the following tips will get you a terrific deal.

Stop Renting; It’s Time to Buy

A good realtor will tell you that rent tends to rise faster than mortgage rates. If you are planning to put your roots down or even if you will be staying in one location for over a decade, it makes more financial sense to buy rather than rent. Most folks are often scared when they look at real estate listings, and the cost of buying a home appears to be overwhelmingly large when compared to renting. However, findings by conventional rent-versus-buy calculators reveal that in the long run buying is more economical than renting. Win Morrison Realty advises that buying will also enforce financial discipline with regards to paying insurance, property tax, and upkeep among other things.

The Deal Is Only Done When a Contract Is Signed

In heated markets such as when buying Ulster County Homes, listing agents will make sweet verbal promises to their clients; never fall for that. A sales agent is always looking for the highest bids. The false hopes they give their clients are indeed only aimed at driving the prices higher. It isn’t uncommon for an agent to pick another buyer over you if they think that the deal will close faster with better prices than what you are offering.

Consider the External Environment

Win Morrison Realty always advises buyers to consider the environment they move into. Insurance and weather are important considerations that any potential home owner should have in mind. You, for instance, do not want to move into or close to a flood-prone area.

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