There are plenty of signs associated with water leaks, and the most evident is a soft ground outside the home. If the area where a house does not see rain often, the yard must be dry. However, if the owner walks around the house and notices there are soft or wet areas, he or she should probably call a Plumber in Putnam NY. The cause of soft, moist soil is a water pipe leaking in most cases. A leak not only causes the yard to remain soaked, but it could also eventually cause damage to the foundation.

A leak may be found when a collection of water is seen where one should not be. One of the easiest ways to discover a water leak is to monitor the water bill. For example, if a bill goes from $40 to $200 one month, there is probably a water leak. Be sure to compare water bills month after month. Also compare annually. For example, if the June 2015 bill was high, review the June 2014 bill to see if it is in the same ballpark. If there is a significant difference, you will need to contact a Plumber in Putnam NY, or your local waterworks.

The sound of running water is another sign of a leak. Everyone should know the sounds of a water pump or their washing machine, as it is common. But a homeowner must periodically check for noises outside these areas to ensure everything is in order. If you hear the sound of running water without appliances on (bath, water tank, sink, washing machine, etc.) surely there is a leak in a pipe somewhere.

Look for changes in the water meter as well. If a leak is suspected, perform a water meter test by turning off everything that uses water at home for about an hour. After a while, return to the meter and take a peek to ensure it has not moved. If it has moved, think about looking for leaks.

Wet spots in the house are also a tell-tale sign. Wet stains on floors and walls may be common in a house due to different liquids spilled. However, if you notice discolored areas and they are not due to spills, observe the area for a few days. If they increase, the structure may have hidden water leaks. Call Cassidy Plumbing Inc to learn more.

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