It is not always obvious that a chimney needs repairs. However, there are a number of visible signs to let homeowners know when Chimney Repair in Bergen County NJ is necessary. Keeping a chimney in good repair is essential to protect a home, since a chimney that is not properly repaired can be a fire hazard.

Damage to the Mortar Joints

In order to find this issue, homeowners may have to get a rooftop vantage point. Any damage to the mortar joints is an issue that should be addressed right away. When these joints are damaged, it means the issue is accelerated and the entire structure is going to continue deteriorating quickly. If water gets into the smaller cracks present in the masonry, they can turn into larger cracks, especially during colder weather. If this issue is not addressed, the chimney may wind up collapsing.

Rusted Firebox or Damper

Signs of moisture present in the fireplace or chimney are definite red flags the chimney is not operating as it should. Rust is a telltale sign there is excessive moisture present and in some cases, the rust may not be visible on the damper or firebox. If the damper becomes more difficult to operate, then taking a closer looks is advised.

Moisture present in the chimney causes the rust to develop, which can indicate a number of issues including cracks in the flue tiles. Deteriorated or cracked flue linings are extremely dangerous since too much heat can get into areas that are vulnerable and cause a fire. When this occurs Masonry Chimney Repair Fairfield County CT, is necessary.

Spalling Bricks

Spalling takes place when the water enters into concrete, natural stone or brick and forces the surface of the masonry to flake off, peel off or pop out. In some cases, salt will push outward and cause the spalling.

They offers additional information regarding when chimney repair is necessary. Annual inspections are a good idea to ensure that no damage is present. These inspections will ensure a homeowners chimney is in good repair and no hazards are present inside or outside of the chimney.