Selecting a Nursery School in Pittsburgh, PA

by | May 4, 2015 | Business

There is no hard and fast rule about putting your child in nursery school. Some parents feel, however, that it is important for their child to begin school training early. There are many benefits to having your child attend a Nursery School in Pittsburgh PA. Nursery schools help little ones interact with others and, through that interaction of play, they begin to learn. What does play have to do with learning? Nursery school teachers at a quality facility can share the many ways play helps young children and toddlers. They will tell you the children learn awareness of others, sharing, rules, boundaries, and problem-solving through play; not to mention learning basic information such as letters and numbers.

An accredited nursery school will have a schedule. There will be a set time for play where the children can use gross motor skills. Stations will be set up with toys that promote fine motor skills. All activities, from story time to snack time, provide communication and interaction for the children. All of these activities are taught with small student-to-caregiver ratios and a qualified staff. A great nursery school will have a set curriculum available for the parent to read and get an understanding of the types of activities their child will experience. Playtime and nursery school aren’t just activities to pass the day until nap time; they are real engaging educational experiences for your child.

When you are ready to look for Nursery School in Pittsburgh PA, take the time to look around, and ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Look for an accredited nursery school and one that puts your child’s needs first. Peruse websites such as  to learn about curriculum, schedules, rates and staff credentials. If possible, visit the school to get a feel of it before enrolling your child.

You want to feel comfortable with who you are entrusting you most precious possession to before you drop them off for the first time. Make sure the caregivers have training if an emergency should arise. This will give you peace of mind as babies and toddlers can be quite accident prone. Nursery school is your child’s first introduction to formal education. Make it a good experience.

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