Saving Money When It Comes to Veneers

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Dentist

The cost of veneers varies slightly from location to location. The typical cost is around $2,000, so it is definitely not a cheap procedure. There are ways to help save a little extra money on the procedure though or at least ways to soften the initial financial blow that comes from paying for veneers.

Payment Plans
One option to consider is to ask the dentist that does veneers Laurel whether they offer any sort of payment plan. Some of them can offer some flexibility in payments where the cost can be spread out over several payments. These are often even interest free. Not all dentists offer this but quite a few do.

HSAs and Discount Plans
A second way to save is to consider opening a health savings account. Now this obviously is something that will take a little planning ahead of time. The health savings account allows a person to place money into the account which earns tax free interest. They can then use the funds from the account to put towards any medical or dental costs, which can include the costs of having veneers place on teeth.

A third way to save is with a dental discount plan. Now this is different from an insurance plan. A person pays a monthly fee to be a part of the dental discount plan. Then when a procedure is needed the person just shows his or her dental discount card. This card will take an additional 25 to 30% off the dental procedure. The actual discount amount can vary from city to city or from plan to plan. For the most part though it is a pretty significant discount.

Bonding Alternatives
Finally, there is an alternative to getting veneers. This is cheaper than veneers. It is called cosmetic bonding. This is essentially a putty like composite resin that is placed over the damaged or chipped tooth. It is then shaped around the tooth. Finally, a special light is applied which hardens the resin. Once hardened the bond is then polished to look just like all of the other teeth. This is a much cheaper procedure than veneers, but it does not last quite as long.

Having a perfect smile can go a long way to building self confidence. In addition to that, a perfect smile can also make a lasting impressi

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