Refrigeration systems typically consume a lot of energy as they work around the clock to keep perishable items at the desired low temperature. Bacteria and living organisms become in-active at low temperatures, keeping their activity low makes it possible to have perishable goods stay longer before they begin to decay. In fact at temperatures below zero, some products can last for months.

If you own a cold store or any form of commercial refrigeration Knoxville, then it is very important that you carry out operation measures that will reduce the amount of energy your system uses on a daily basis. Since the main function of a fridge is to keep temperatures below a certain level, any time the temperature passes this specified level, the system begins to perform the function of pulling down the temperatures to the required level. One of the ways to save money in refrigeration systems is to make sure temperatures are kept low at all times.

One of the ways of keeping temperatures low is through practicing efficient operating measures. These involve ensuring that the condenser coils are cleaned on a regular basis. It is the condenser coils that damp the heat extracted from your refrigeration systems, they are able to achieve this with the help of the compressor and condenser fans, and keeping them clean at all times removes any insulation that may hinder heat loss.

Since refrigeration systems are designed to switch off once the set temperature is reached, the systems will automatically run once the temperature goes above the set temperatures. You can save a lot of energy by controlling unnecessary rise in temperatures in the system. This can be through ensuring that automatic doors function properly to close the refrigerator doors to avoid heat admission. Door seals are in good condition and work properly to insulate the cold room from external heat.

An efficient defrost system prevents the ice build-up in the evaporators, which can reduce the effectiveness of the cooling process resulting in compressors running for longer than they are supposed to. Refrigeration Knoxville with efficient defrost systems will ensure that evaporators function at their optimum at all times.

Servicing the compressors, evaporator fans and maintenance of the entire system will ensure that all parts are functioning properly. It is important to understand that all components of refrigerators work together to perform the task of ensuring the cooling cycle runs smoothly. Servicing is therefore important to keep the system performing well.

Since large cold storage facilities require lighting, packaging the lighting systems in insulated casing prevents the heat emitted by the lights overworking the cold storage system. Other efficiency measures such as using the heat from condensers to heat water can also make refrigeration systems more efficient.

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