A roof that leaks is the curse of any homeowner; it takes a little time for possessions to be destroyed and expensive damage to walls and ceiling to occur. The majority of homes are roofed using asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles have a reasonably short life expectancy, rarely more than 20 years and during this time they will require maintenance. An alternative to asphalt shingle roofing in Loveland CO is rubber.

A rubber roof may seem strange when you first think about it. Rubber roofing does not mean you are covering the roof with old tires, far from it. Although rubber roofing does come in large rolls, this type is destined for the use of large commercial or industrial buildings with a flat roof. For use on residential homes rubber roofing material is available in shingle form which appears very much like expensive slate tiles.

Rubber shingles are made from old tires which are ground with saw dust and dust from sawn slate. This combination of materials makes them one of the most eco-friendly roofing materials available. Although rubber roofing in Loveland CO does cost slightly more than asphalt shingles they are less likely to require ongoing maintenance and they certainly will last longer. If your idea of a beautiful roof is slate, then you will be overjoyed with rubber, they appear very much like the real thing but are lighter which means there is no need to reinforce the roof structure. Most companies that produce rubber shingles provide at least a fifty year warranty, many warrant their products for life.

Installing a rubber roof:

Rubber roofs are durable and require little maintenance; they also are not difficult to install. A rubber roof is installed very much like asphalt shingles; they are nailed to the roof structure in an overlapped fashion.

Prior to the installation of rubber roofing in Loveland CO the existing roof material must be removed, exposing the plywood surface. This is important as laying a rubber roof over existing roofing material may void the warranty. The first stage of the installation is the rubber roll roofing. Once this surface has been applied and fitted around all roof protrusions it is cleaned and covered by an adhesive. The rubber shingles are then nailed to the roof much as asphalt shingles are.

Rubber roof care:

Rubber roofs require little care when compared to an asphalt shingled roof. Many producers claim their products are impervious to cracking and leaking, however, if there ever is a problem it is a simple, quick fix.

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