Reducing How Much You Spend On Heating And Air Conditioning In Lakeland FL

by | May 21, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When you go over you monthly bills, there are some you simply can’t do anything about. There are other bills that you have greater control over. Costs associated with Heating And Air Conditioning in Lakeland FL can be controlled by you. Although you don’t have to keep your house in complete darkness as if you were some kind of vampire, keeping light out during the day can help you with your home cooling efforts. Thick curtains work especially well at blocking out the sun and ultraviolet(UV) radiation. On the flip side, when there is a slight chill in the air, you want to allow sunlight in so that your home can warm up a bit. There is also a psychological effect when controlling the light coming into your home. You may think you are cooler while you are in the shade and warmer while you are in the light.

Scheduled maintenance is used by smart homeowners to keep energy costs down. Modern equipment consists of many components that need to be looked at to ensure that they are working correctly. Do you know what causes a lot of problems with heating and cooling systems? Dirt. It can get into everything. Too much dirt will cause efficiency problems that can raise your monthly energy payments by 10% or more. Think about how much you use your heating and cooling systems. Systems that are under heavy use need filter cleanings more often than systems that don’t see that much action. Don’t forget to have your duct work checked out. You may have an undetected leak or two happening in your ducts.

Once you have maintenance taken care of, you can look for other things that you can personally do to lower your monthly payments to your utility company. Keeping an airtight home works well. Hunt out drafts and eliminate them. Draft-eliminating kits can be found online for under $10. You don’t have to be an HVAC professional to install kits over your windows. Older homes should also have an insulation check. It may be time for an insulation upgrade. Click here for more details.

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