A drain field is part of a septic system. When waste leaves the home it enters the septic tank, here the solid waste settles and the remain fluid runs out to the drain field. Drain fields consist of perforated pipes in gravel trenches just below a layer of soil under the surface. Below the gravel is more soil. This construction helps clean the waste water before it enters the ground water. As long as the drain field is working properly, waste water is cleaned by filtration and bacteria and other microbes in the soil.

It is important to recognize Drain field Bonney Lake. Quick action can assist in fixing any issues and excessive damage. There are signs to watch for. One is slow or backed up drainage. If drains from sinks or tubs are moving slower than normal or if dirty water is coming back up this could be an issue with your drain field.

Sewage odors coming from the drain field itself can also be an indication of sewage not draining properly. If there is water pooling over the drain field, or the drain field remains damp even in dry weather, this could mean the waste water is coming to the surface instead of draining downward as it should. This could be a sign that the soil under your drain field has become too impacted. Without space and air in the soil, waste water not only has difficulties draining, it also does not have enough oxygen for the bacteria and microbes to do their jobs properly.

When any sign of Drain field problems Bonney Lake WA is noticed, it is important to repair any issues. There are companies that specialize in these problems. A trained professional can quickly assess the issues and devise a plan to fix them. If the issues are caught, then the repair can be as simple as having the soil under the drain field broken up and filled with air. More extensive issues could mean the need for a new drain field.

It is important to make every effort to repair such issues. This can prevent damage from the waste water coming back into your home. It can also prevent the environmental damages caused by untreated sewage getting into water supplies.