Reasons to Recycle Scrap Metal in Hartford, CT

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It isn’t uncommon for people to find that they have miscellaneous scrap metal around, perhaps the remnants of old cars, building materials or electronics. This material shouldn’t just be thrown away, as it’s possible to recycle it using Scrap Metal Hartford CT companies.

Better for the Environment

Metal is a finite resource, and many types of metal are getting harder and harder to find as the earth’s resources start to become depleted. When it is possible to mine them, the methods necessary are getting more expensive and less environmentally friendly. Using Scrap Metal in Hartford CT recycling companies is much better for the environment. Not only do these items not end up taking up precious space in the landfills, but they can also be melted down and used to make new products, meaning less metal needs to be mined from the earth. This helps save energy and reduce greenhouse gasses.

Creates Jobs

While it may not sound like a large industry, scrap metal recycling actually employs more than 137,000 people in the United States. This provides a significant boost to the economy.

Types of Metals

Steel and other types of metal that contain iron can be recycled a number of times, but the other types of metal, such as copper, aluminum, tin, zinc, nickel and lead are even more important to recycle. This is because they aren’t degraded during the recycling process so they can be used over and over again to make new products.

May Be a Source of Income

Some companies pay money for scrap metal, meaning that if you collect and turn in these metals, you can get money for them. Metal with iron in it, which is pretty much any metal a magnet will stick to, won’t bring in as much money as the other types of metal but is usually still accepted wherever scrap metal is collected. Copper is usually worth the most money, followed by brass. Aluminum and steel are worth a bit less than these more desirable metals, but still important to recycle when possible.

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