Reasons for Fall Trimming in Broomfield, CO

To keep the landscaping of a home looking its best, it’s important to do a number of fall tasks around the yard. Bushes may require Fall Trimming In Broomfield CO, for example. Those who aren’t sure how to do this themselves can hire a company, such as Wards Lawn Service in Broomfield CO, to do the task for them.

Why Trim?

Trimming can keep bushes healthy, as any dead, diseased, insect-infested or broken branches are removed making, it so the rest of the plant has more room to grow and making it easier for sunlight to get to all the branches. Cutting off diseased parts of the plant will help minimize the spread of whatever has infected the plant, helping to keep the rest of the plant healthy.

Fall Trimming and Thinning

Fall Trimming in Broomfield CO makes it easy to see what is being trimmed, as the leaves have fallen, so the branches are bare. Don’t prune the bushes before the leaves fall off, as they aren’t dormant yet and this could weaken the plants. In some places, this may mean waiting until winter instead of fall. Thinning, meaning removing whole branches rather than just the tips, is best if a person is just trying to minimize the size of the plant a bit but likes the overall shape.


In some cases, cutting the ends off of branches will mean the plant won’t bloom the next year, as the buds may be concentrated mainly on the ends that get cut off, so be sure to consider this before cutting anything. Don’t trim off more than about 1/3 off the tops of any rose bush branches, as this could damage them. Cutting off just a small amount will help keep these bushes from cracking because of heavy snows, however. Don’t cut branches on any bush all the way back to the trunk, leave a little bit of the branch behind to minimize the risk of damaging the bush. If it’s wet out, wait until things dry off before pruning or it could lead to an increased risk of diseases in the plant. The sun helps to kill any mold or bacteria present, while the wet can increase the spread of these microbes.

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