Quitting Smoking With the Help of a Family Practice Physician

Many people are accustomed to getting regular checkups from a Family Practice Physician in Andover Kansas and heading to the clinic when they, or their children, become ill. Family doctors can help their patients with wellness goals too. For instance, if someone wants to quit smoking and hasn’t been able to, this person’s doctor can be a big source of support in various ways.

A Family Practice Physician in Andover Kansas can give patients printed handouts and a list of websites that have especially helpful tips for breaking the smoking habit. A family physician may be able to offer information on local quit-smoking support groups and smartphone apps that help with the goal to break the habit.

This doctor also can provide information about using medical products such as nicotine patches, gum and lozenges. These products allow people to wean themselves away from nicotine by gradually reducing the amount that enters the body every day. They are available without a prescription, but it’s a good idea to have a health care professional supervising the usage.

Another option involves taking prescription medication that is known to help smokers quit. The doctor might prescribe bupropion, for example. The patient usually takes this drug for two or three months, during which time he or she stops smoking completely. Continuing to take the medication for several weeks after quitting smoking is advisable to prevent a relapse. Another option is varenicline, which the person generally takes for three months. The doctor prescribes the best medication for each particular patient depending on that individual’s medical history and current situation.

The doctor impresses upon patients the importance of finding ways to avoid smoking long after the physical craving for nicotine has stopped. People who return to the habit often do so after the physical addiction is over. They enjoy the activity of smoking so much that it’s very difficult to abstain, especially in trigger situations such as having a beer with friends or watching a football game on TV.

Contact Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC for more information on smoking cessation programs. General practice doctors are committed to helping patients stop using tobacco since smoking is so detrimental to health.

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