Questions Frequently Asked of Veterinarians in Rockville

When the beloved family pet becomes ill, pet owners tend to get anxious. For one thing, unlike humans, pets can’t just come out and tell their owners what is wrong with them. The owner is put in the position of having to either know his or her dog or cat well enough to know what is going on or take the pet to the veterinarian. The latter option is usually the smarter choice. There are Veterinarians in Rockville who understands how the family pet is more like a family member. Here are some answers to questions nervous pet owners frequently asked about veterinary care.

*       A cat owner wanted to know if it was safe to give aspirin to his pet. He had heard that some dog owners give aspirin to their pets. It must be understood that cats are more sensitive to things like drugs than dogs. Cats can easily be over-medicated. In addition, their bodies do not break down consumables, such as aspirin, easily. The best thing to do is to call the veterinarian.

*       A problem that often has pet owners running to the vet is when their pet has eaten chocolate. While chocolate has been rated as beneficial for humans, it is not so with dogs and cats. The sweet candy can actually prove fatal. Getting Fido or Fluffy to the veterinarian is the best thing to do.

*       One of the more frightening situations pet owners encounter is when their pet has a seizure. Trying to control your pet is not a smart thing to do, as you can be bitten. Keep a record of how long your pet has the seizure and get him to the vet right away.

Holistic Veterinary Healing has been providing health care solutions for pet owners in the Rockville area. The clinic’s state-of-the-art technology ensures that all pets, will be handled and treated with optimal care. The clinic’s comprehensive care includes but is not limited to, annual exams and surgical procedures.

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