Protect Your Pneumatic Tools and Compressor Using Quality Air Compressor Parts and Service in PA

One of the primary reasons that companies use pneumatic tools and equipment is the extreme torque that they can provide. Some of this power is derived from the way tools operate while the rest is in the continuous flow of compressed air that a quality air compressor can provide. There are several types of compressor systems including piston based compressors and screw compressors. Plus, compressor systems come in a variety of sizes from small portable units suitable for emergency use to huge systems designed to power whole plants. To protect the compressor and your valuable tools, you may also want to install air dryers and filter systems.

Just like every other mechanical device, your compressed air system will eventually break down and require Air Compressor Parts and Service PA. The typical piston based air compressor uses an electric motor to spin a crankshaft. This in turn drives the piston that pressurizes the air. This method of compression can generate a lot of heat so the unit must be cooled in some fashion. This is usually done with an external fan and a bit of lubrication.

For really serious air compression systems, the driving motor may be gasoline or diesel based. This allows for more compression than a small electric motor can supply. In most cases, the air is stored in a pressure rated tank so that a steady supply of air is available on demand. This method of delivery requires pressure sensitive valves and switches to control the engine. Once the system pressure reaches a set point, typically around one hundred and twenty-five PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), the switch will trigger and the motor will shut off. To get more information, visit us website.

Other important compressor parts include things like gauges and hoses. The gauge is crucial for knowing how much pressure the system is generating. This safety feature can help you avoid catastrophe should one of the control switches fail. Your system should also include a bleed off valve and an automatic safety valve. Some systems also incorporate a pressure release system that drains off excess air pressure when the unit isn’t being used. No matter what type of air compressor you use, you can keep the system in tip-top shape with quality Air Compressor Parts and Service PA. To learn more about compressor parts and service contact Air Center Inc.

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