Locks used to be very simple, because it was just a case of creating a mechanism that would turn using a key. Things are very different today, the business of locks has had to keep up with undesirables who are constantly looking at ways to break them so they can enter a building, or vehicle illegally.

When you look at how a car uses locks these days, security is very tight, and practically every new model of car that comes to the market has wireless key-entry. This is great when they work fine; however, when they go wrong, it can be a real pain.

Because of the technology used, it’s not just a simple visit to a local locksmith in Westchester County to have a new key cut. These keys are highly technical and many of them have computer chips installed. This doesn’t mean that professional locksmiths are at a loss when they’re presented with a key like this that needs replacing or repairing.

Experts who work in this field are highly trained, and they continue to train as new technology comes to the market. It’s not just vehicles they deal with; they can help with any type of lock you might have. Lots of companies will have a local store, but they will also pay you a visit should you need it, and many of them also offer a 24/7 call-out service.

This means that if you happen to pop your key in a door and it breaks in the lock, you can have a professional at your side in the blink of an eye, no matter what time of the day it is. A service like this is vital because it’s impossible to predict when a problem like this might occur.

If you are in need of an emergency call-out, when you speak to a locksmith in Westchester County, they will gather as much information as they can pertaining to the type of lock and key you have. They do this so they can come along with the right equipment, and try to repair the lock instead of just replacing it.

Of course, there are times when it can’t be repaired; in which case, any reputable professional like this will be armed with the correct tools to give you a new lock right away. Because locks are used to help with security, it’s important they’re in good working order all the time. This is why you should never have a situation where the locksmith tells you they will have to return to the workshop to get the right tools. This takes time, and theft can happen very quickly so it’s important your locksmith can finish the job before they leave.

Whilst locksmiths will help with all types of repair, they can also help if you need to upgrade a security system, or have a new one installed. Many people shy away from this because of price; however, the amount of money it can cost, should you suffer a burglary far outweighs the price of a decent security system.


You never know when a lock might break, so it’s important to have the number of a locksmith in Westchester County at hand. Call High Security Safes & Locks during an emergency.